Longfellow House
Pascagoula, Mississippi
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Longfellow House

A few years ago the Longfellow House was about to be torn down, the house had been unoccupied for awhile and vandals had broken in and stolen or broke most everything of value. Including taking things like light fixtures, switch covers, cabinets, doors, etc. Most every window had been busted out and all the doors kicked in. At this time the property was owned by Jim Horne, he had the property up for sale but no one wanted to buy the property with the house on it, so the Longfellow House was scheduled to come down. However before it could be torn down, Attorney Richard Scruggs and his wife purchased the property. In the months to follow the Longfellow House began seeing a new life, Mr. Scruggs spared no expense in rebuilding this historical home to its former glory. The Longfellow House has been restored and looks better than it has in years. We would like to say thank-you to Mr. and Mrs. Scruggs for saving this home. I regret to say that I have no photo's of the Longfellow House before it was renovated, the photo's below show how it looks today.

Update! After Hurricane Katrina the Longfellow house did have water damage but the structure stayed intact. The property has been purchased by a local doctor and it has been converted back into a home.

For those of you who do not know or have been away for awhile, the Longfellow property has been subdivided into lots. All of the motels and cottages have been torn down. The apartments which face Washington Avenue have been redone and are now called Oakhurst Condominiums. There is also an exclusive subdivision which is called Oakhurst Subdivision.

Recently I obtained some historic or legend information from the library. I made a copy of the information and hope to have it posted here in the near future. So be sure to be on the look out for that information.